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This 478-acre ranch is a combination of a large lush canyon, with wooded wetlands of deciduous forest, to shrub land with Juniper and Pinyon Pine. At first glance, this ranch seems to have a similar landscape throughout the area. However, the property consists of a diverse 401 acres of evergreen forest, 51 acres of shrub-land, 6 acres of open space, 9 acres of deciduous forest and 10 acres of wetlands. There is a lot more to this ranchland than meets the eye. The property is located at 6,980 feet in elevation and offers a variety of wildlife habitat, with Utah Juniper, Pinyon Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Blue Garma, Big Sagebrush, Four Wing Saltbush, and Spanish Bayonet. This region of the South Western area of Montrose is known for its mixture of pinyon-juniper woodland, Gambel oak woodland, and sagebrush. There is shrubland at higher elevations, with desert shrubs and grasses like black sage, winterfat, Mormon tea, and galleta grass dominating lower areas. Many people look over this ground to get to the high country, when there is something to be said of this area—it has a lot of value to a land owner. This property geographically sits at the edge of the higher country, that sees more snowfall at 23+ inches a year to support the Aspen and Ponderosa Pines, compared to this location that sees 10-18 inches of snowfall per year. This ranch is located just before that transition so you have the benefit of some of the water shed with less snow and warmer weather. A combination like that makes for unique wildlife habitat. Fed by the Happy Canyon Creek watershed, the Happy Canyon Creeks runs the length of the property on its eastern edge, where wildlife migrate on and through the property. This habitat supports Desert Cottontails, Mule Deer, Mountain Lions, and other species like Pinyon Jays, Bob Cats and Gray Fox. Hundreds of acres of BLM land join borders with this property along its eastern and southern border, giving the property a feeling of endless access for recreation. Regionally unique geology, biology and climate give the property much of its character and distinguishes itself from properties in other parts of the state. The Hugo Land Ranch is a hidden little piece of Colorado’s most underrated piece of earth. You just have to see it and spend some time on the land to understand it.

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478+- acres deeded



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